The Artist |

Hi! I'm Kara. I grew up in Iowa but have lived here in Greenville, SC for over 10 years now. I am happily married and have an almost 2 year old named Clark. We also have a Rottweiler named Severus (our first son). I love animals! I also enjoy nature, art, photography, and traveling/exploring. My days are busy with caring for my son, hustling during naptimes and helping my husband with his eBay/pallet business.

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Made in Greenville, S.C. |

Karisma by Kara jewelry is handcrafted solely by S.C. artist, Kara Mavar. Working from her Greenville home studio, she creates unique pieces using sterling silver, 14K gold fill, 14k rose gold fill, brass, copper and aluminum wire. She also incorporates natural stones, leather and other unique pieces into many of her designs. Kara specializes in the cold-connection technique of wire-wrapping. She has a background as an art student which helps her create jewelry designs that are well balanced and visually pleasing. Each piece that Kara creates is skillfully crafted with the utmost attention to detail.


My Story |

Karisma by Kara™ all started about ten years back when I as a newlywed wished to bring in some extra income. I began making simple beaded jewelry, and then I started experimenting with shaping wire. After learning the basics of working with wire, I began to try more difficult wire designs. Ideas kept coming; my inventory kept growing; and demand kept increasing. That was it! I knew I had to turn this into a bonafide business.

From creating to marketing, I enjoy almost every aspect of my business. I love designing and handcrafting the jewelry, taking photographs of models wearing my products, and designing attractive banners, business cards, and anything else that I may need to promote my jewelry. I also try to be very involved in various social media venues, and this involvement has proved to play a very important role in growing my business. Also, I participate in several arts and craft shows each year and keep a few different boutiques stocked up with my goodies :)

You caught me: yes, occasionally I enjoy the perk of working in my pj's. :) There have been some occasions where I have had so many orders to make and packages to be mailed in one day that I simply woke up, grabbed a cup of coffee, and then got right to work! No, I do not have any "behind the scenes" pictures of these occasions ;)

Of course, there are some aspects of operating my own business that aren't so fun, such as ordering supplies, keeping good track of different records, editing listings, and so on—pretty much everything non-creative :)

But overall, I'm living my dream! And the best part? Interacting with with all my customers whether face to face at shows or through convos on my Etsy site. I strive to create both high-quality pieces and happy customers. Maintaining good communication with all of my customers is top priority, and I'd love to hear from you!