A New Mind-Set & A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Work Hard, Play Hard.

I'm beginning this new year with a  new mind-set and a fresh coat of paint on my walls!

Long hours are just part of running your own small business. It's easy for me to get consumed with work and forget to enjoy life. However, my main New Year's resolution is to start out each day with the mind-set that I am going to work and then the evening is free for me to enjoy. So far this mind-set has been helpful and has actually helped me stay focused and  accomplish my daily goals during my work day. Having the evenings free to relax and do things that I enjoy will no doubt give me more energy and creative inspiration to take with me into the next day. 

My studio is full of things I love from other makers. The raccoon painting is something my mom painted years ago and was always hanging in our home. The small blue fabric artwork is from Shellie Mitchell. The Karisma by Kara sign is from Olive + Grey. The adorable sea-foam plant hanger in the corner is from Fox Pottery. The hawk print is from Amber Alexander. The needle-felted jackalope is from Once Again Sam

On the same topic of newness and fresh starts, this past weekend  I painted my studio white! White Dove to be exact. What a great way to start the year! I absolutely LOVE it! It is so refreshing to walk into in the mornings.  Later this month I am having a photographer come to my studio to take professional photos of my creative space and of me working in it. Until then, here are a few photos of my freshly painted studio:

One of my favorite areas in my studio. The little sea-foam green jar is from Illyria Pottery. I love her work!

My dad loved listening to his dad's old records. I grew up listening to Hank Williams and Ernest Tubb. This corner is a tribute to my dad and a sweet reminder of my childhood. Just turning the metal knobs on this stereo takes me back!

I love vintage finds and Malia's Mark always has some great ones! I found this awesome wire basket (along with three others like it) from her. The wooden bud vase is from LeBrun Designs and the hat was my grandpa's.

My kitten, Mulder. I've always loved the pure whiteness of his fur.

This is my packing corner. The wooden arrow piece is from Olive + Grey. They also made my signs for me.