A Breath of Fresh Air- Our Vacation in the Smokies

I just came back from a wonderful week in Tennessee. We started off the week in a cabin with my family. My family has never been on a vacation together so it was especially special for us. It was a short time together but we packed the days with lots of memories. After everyone headed back home, Luke and I stuck around so we could enjoy some much needed time together.

We enjoyed a few days at Dollywood and walking around Gatlinburg but my favorite part was driving through the mountains and stopping to take photos. We even saw bears! The first sighting was a little cub in the distance. The second sighting was a closer view of a mama bear and two cubs! We didn't get a very good picture of either though. Someone else was following the mama bear a little too closely. She growled at him and the cubs went up trees and Luke and I were out of there! Haha!

We are only a few hours away so we will definitely be visiting again. I'd love to go in the Fall!


All photos © Kara Mavar