Decorating Therapy

Good Morning! I hope you all have been enjoying the holidays with family and friends. I can't tell you how good this holiday break has been for me  both physically and mentally!  My house was a complete wreck from the last few months of chaos. It was so refreshing to finally have the time to relax and fiddle around the house. I did a lot of cleaning and organizing which was great and it took a load off of my mind. It is hard for me to relax when everything around me is in disarray. I also enjoyed spending time moving things around and giving my bathroom a face-lift. Before this weekend there was no decoration at all in my bathroom which is sad since we have been in this house for close to 5 years! It was time! The bathroom is still  in need of a new sink faucet  and flooring  but it looks so much better than before. Those other things will come later. 

My sister-in-law gave me the cream colored shelf for Christmas. She knows me so well! I was so excited to find such a perfect spot for it. I have in it a rusty candle jar lid from Mercy Verity Candles that is perfect for storing bobby-pins. I also have in it another small container to store loose earrings, etc.  I already had the old wooden crate. I put nails along the top and the left side so that I can hang necklaces from it.

I am so excited to finally have found the perfect spot for this wire basket that I purchased from Malia's Mark. I have a couple of these in my work room as well and one in my kitchen for catching mail. I painted the frame above the basket using  Confederate Grey chalk paint. I love this color! I have a few more things that I now plan to paint this color. 

This lovely bird was a very special gift from my husband this Christmas! I absolutely love it! It pairs nicely with my miniature Illyria Pottery pieces in the background. 

I just snipped this greenery off of our bush. The book is actually working to balance my shelves.

I love nature! This is an actual bird's nest from our yard that had fallen from a tree. The bird figurine is from our wedding centerpieces. 

The little candle with a dome cover is from World Market. I couldn't resist. Once the candle is burnt out I plan to put cotton balls in it. 

Best Wishes &  Happy New Year!