#CreativeSprint Challenge - October 2016

I signed up to participate in the #creativesprint challenge for October!

Day #1

I spent most of the morning working on today's challenge. Had so much fun! Today's challenge was to make something that fit in the palm of your hand using only materials in your immediate surrounding. Lucky for me, I happen to have a lot of supplies and tools laying around 😊 I decided to make a mini book! I didn't have nice paper so I tried dipping copy paper in my coffee but I had too much creamer in it for that to work! 😁 I also utilized my jewelry saw which was good practice. I plan on adding a chain to this piece to wear as a necklace.

Day #2

This one was tough for me. I tend to over analyze things so when the assignment "make something inspired by your name" came, I couldn't decide if I should make something that was inspired by my actual name or something inspired by me. Do I give my name meaning? It was getting way to deep for me and I was driving my husband crazy. He suggested that I tangle up a bunch of wire into a ball and call it "inner angst". Hilarious but also pretty clever 😂 He's more creative than he realizes! Haha! These are jewelry components that were currently on my work bench. I felt that was fitting since making jewelry is a pretty big part of my life.

Day #3

Make something inspired from a children's rhyme. I chose Wynken, Blynken and Nod. I remember reciting this poem as a class when my Mom was a teacher. It's pretty sloppily executed but I realized that I can't afford to spend too long on these challenges. Originally drawn in chalk pastel and then edited on the computer.

Day #4

Create something inspired by the weather.
This one is late. It's not very creative but it sure was fun to play around with Shrinky Dinks again! The weather here is PERFECT!

Day #5

Camouflage something. I dressed to match dog and we took a nice Fall walk through the leaves so I could camouflage his feet...

Then I decided to go ahead and camouflage my cat's feet too. Here are the results: