2017 so far...

"Life is full of change". I recall several times when my both my mom and grandma have reminded me of this fact.  They never seems shaken with change. They just take what God deals them and move on.

2017 has been a year of change for us. I only hope I can handle all the change and newness with the same grace that both my mom and grandma demonstrate with each new adjustment in their lives.


 Earlier this year, my husband and I found out that we are expecting our first baby this coming September! I figured if my mom survived two sets of twins while teaching full time, I too can manage to continue working from home while being a mom. Although I do plan to make some adjustments to make this new change a little more manageable! 

I am finally starting to feel better and am gaining back some energy that was lost during the first few months of pregnancy. Boy, did that do a number on me though! I am so behind on work and am currently playing catch-up for time lost.

 In addition to this life changing news, my husband's aunt's cancer came back. We decided to make an unplanned trip to see her before she passed away. While closing up shop was difficult, I am forever grateful that we made the decision to travel to Ohio to see her one last time. She passed away soon after. Four days after her passing, we received the news that my husband's grandmother had also passed away. My husband's family is very close and all live in the same area in Ohio. We headed back to Ohio once again to attend both funerals. We were able to spend time with family and visit with his other grandma who is 93 years old.

Even though it feels like our whole world has been turned upside down and we are uncertain of the future, I am so thankful that God is control and that He has it all figured out.

2017 is going to be completely different than what I had planned prior to discovering that I was pregnant. I have decided not to participate in any shows this year. I'm really going to miss that aspect of the business but plan to attend next year's shows. As far as my little store location goes, I'm still trying to figure that one out! Don't worry, I still plan to keep making my jewelry and sharing it with the world! I'm also excited to share with you my new adventure into parent-hood. It should be quite interesting!